What do you do when your attempts to groom you brows go wrong? Essentially, overplucking means you've plucked too much hair from your eyebrows. This can result in sparse, patchy brows - and unfortunately, once the hair is gone, it isn't growing back any time soon. Once the brow hair has been plucked from the root, an entirely new hair has to grow in its place. This can take a while - sometimes, longer than 6 weeks! 

There are some easy solutions to help you make the sparse areas less noticeable and fill out the shape of your brow. Here is a few helpful makeup application suggestions on how to fix the look of overplucked eyebrows. 

How To Fix Over Plucked Eyebrows With Makeup (Brow Stencil Kits, Eyebrow Pencils, and More)

If you're looking for a temporary solution to your overplucked eyebrows, makeup is always an option. You can use a brow pencil, powder, or pomade to fill in any sparse areas and help create the illusion of a fuller brow. 

And as you may have learned in our article on how to fill in brows in general, there are products specifically designed to help you make quick work of your eyebrow beauty regimen including our popular brow stencil kit. Here's how it works.

Fixing Overplucked Eyebrows Using Brow Stencil Kits

The beauty in using the Brow Trio: Stencil Kit is that you gain the ability to create your brows shape in seconds. With 12 different stencils to choose from, getting a shape that matches your natural brow line is easy. 

The key to using makeup to fix over plucked eyebrows is finding the right hair shade, first. If you're not sure where to start, we recommend going one shade lighter than your natural hair color. This will help create a softer look that doesn't appear too harsh. Better yet, take our color match quiz. We can help you get the closest possible match for a natural look. 

Once you've found the perfect shade, it's time to start filling in your brows! Place the stencil on your brow using a widened 2-finger hold - the goal is to have room in the middle to apply the pomade. Once you have a good hold on the stencil and you're happy with where it's placed, you can tap your sponge end of the application tool into the pomade. Apply it over the stencil using a tapping motion, starting at the tail of your eyebrow and working your way in. The final step in using these stencils is turning over the tool and using the spoolie end to blend the pomade in. It's that easy.

From there, you can wipe off the stencil of any leftover pomade and flip it over, exposing the clean side. Place that side of the stencil on your other brow and repeat the process. 

Add Soft Hair-Like Strokes Using The Microfill Brow Pencil

You can also use a brow pencil to add texture and shape. Create light, feathery strokes to mimic real hairs and build up to your ideal shade. And because the product is double-sided with a spoolie brush on the other end, you can blend and groom your brow hair. 

Texturize Your Brows Using The Brow Swipe Pen 

You can also use our Brow Swipe Pen. This creates a microblading look with realistic hair strokes. It will make a world of difference. When paired with the Brow Trio kit, you can create some of the fluffiest brows you've ever seen.

While we love the way it works with our Brow Trio kit, you can use it on it's own for days you want to be a bit more understated. This approach leads to a far more natural look. And, using the pen is easy - a flicking motion across your brow line adds definition, depth, and texture.

How To Fix Over Plucked Eyebrows Without Makeup

Now that we've explained how to fix over plucked eyebrows with makeup, we want to talk about the other options you have. These options will require more patience but can definitely give you good results with time. 

Use Growth Serums To Encourage Healthier Natural Eyebrow Hairs

While they won't fix your overplucked brow immediately, serums and growth treatments are still worth adding to your regimen if your budget allows. It's just important to find the right serum for your unique skin and eyebrow hair.

These types of serums are designed to help your brows grow back quickly, while also providing nourishment and hydration. And, because they're packed with nutrients, they'll help your brows stay healthy and look great. 

An important note for the next time you tweeze

If you are wanting to clean up your brows but don’t want to risk over plucking. You can use a brow razor instead to shape your brows and clean up unwanted hair. Because shaving does not remove the hair from the root, it will grow back faster. This is a less risky option. 

Final Thoughts 

Here at Brow Trio, we know how important it is to have brows you love. We hope this guide was helpful, and that you'll give our products a try! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us for brow and beauty advice. 

Xoxo, Trio Beauty Team'