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Our Transformation

Our journey began in 2020 as Brow Trio, a brow-first beauty line. The positive response to our Brow Trio: Stencil Kit and brow collection ignited a motivation for us to study transformative beauty routines further. To this day, Brow Trio defines our core principle — 
to express inner radiance through transformative beauty.

Beginning with our signature Brow Trio Kit, each Trio Beauty essential is envisioned as a means to define one's own beauty, elevating makeup to an intuitive art form.

Express your inner radiance through transformative  beauty.

Our Philosophy

Our cruelty-free, vegan beauty products are guided by the transformations that occur in nature, moving us ever forward: a butterfly's metamorphosis, the phases of the moon, the blooming of flowers. Trio Beauty looks toward these rhythms of the natural world, creating transformative, adaptable products that inspire self-expression, creativity, and confidence.

Mindful Makeup

The world of beauty can offer forms of self-care and empowering acts of agency — it allows us to create an outward identity defined by no 
one but ourselves.

We believe in being unapologetic about what makes you feel like your favorite self, and we work to create an open dialogue free from judgment 
or shaming.

We support those who dedicate their days and nights working to empower individuals to be their most authentic selves. For this reason, we have teamed up with the following like-minded organizations: Project Glimmer, Ditch the Label, The Pink Agenda and the Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center.


Meet Our Founder : Briana Olson

Briana Olson grew up in Tasmania, Australia, surrounded by the ocean and the beauty of nature. Beginning at an early age, she explored makeup as a creative medium, and quickly realized its potential for artistry, experimentation, and self-expression.

Olson's early penchant for beauty led her to found La Perma Artistry, which soon became one of the most successful eyebrow microblading businesses in Southern California. After closing La Perma in 2020 to pandemic setbacks, she set her sights on creating thoughtful, personal products developed to enliven her client's beauty regimens. Thus, Olson founded Brow Trio in 2020, centered upon the belief that the world of beauty can offer a profound experience of self-care. As she went through her own transformation with the brand, she believed it was also time for the brand to have a refresh, becoming Trio Beauty in 2022.