Meet Trio Beauty

Transformative Beauty Routines Inspired by the Number 3

Trio Beauty is a collection that centers on the power of 3. We believe that the world of beauty can offer forms of self-care and empowering acts of agency — it allows us to express the beauty within and shape our most confident selves.

The story of Trio Beauty began with The Brow Trio — a three-part transformational brow kit. Revered in many societies for its cultural significance, 
the number 3 is graced with an inherent sense 
of balance, harmony, and completeness. It continues to guide us ever forward toward developing new, comprehensive three-part beauty regimens for every age and look. 

Our Founder

Meet Briana

Briana Olson grew up in Tasmania, Australia, surrounded by the ocean and the beauty of nature. Beginning at an early age, she explored makeup as a creative medium, and quickly realized its potential for artistry, experimentation, and self-expression.

Briana's early penchant for beauty led her to found La Perma Artistry, which soon became one of the most successful eyebrow microblading and lip blush businesses in Southern California. 

During this time, Briana discovered the frustrations her clients were having with their makeup routines, ultimately causing them to make appointments for permanent makeup. 

After closing La Perma in 2020 to pandemic setbacks, she set her sights on creating innovative, easy to use, high quality beauty products developed to enliven and simplify her client's beauty regimens, by creating transformative, effortless routines.

Thus, Briana founded Brow Trio in 2020, centered upon the belief that the world of beauty can offer a profound experience of self-care. As she went through her own transformation with the brand, she believed it was also time for the brand to have a refresh, becoming Trio Beauty™ in 2022.

Meet the Trios

Brow Trio™: Stencil Kit

Designed to guide you to create your best brow shape. Our most popular patent pending Brow Trio™ kit comes with 12 stencil options, waterproof and smudge-proof pomade, and our signature dual color ended sponge brush.

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Butterfly Brow™ : Lifting Trio

The Butterfly Brow™ Trio is where brow lamination and microblading meet to create a lifted and dimensional brow, the ultimate brow metamorphosis.

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