Eyebrow Stencils (4 Pack)

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PEARL | Silvery Pop CHAMPAGNE | Golden Glow ROSE| Subtle Rose GREY | For grey hair with a cool/ash undertonesBLONDE | For Blonde hair with a warm/gold undertonesTAUPE | For Blonde hair with a cool/ash undertonesCARAMEL | For Red hair with a light undertoneSOFT BROWN | For Medium Brown hair with a neutral/warm undertonesAUBURN | For Red hair with a dark undertoneMEDIUM BROWN | For Medium Brown hair with a cool/ash undertonesDARK BROWN | For Dark Brown hair with a neutral undertoneEBONY | For Black hair with a neutral undertone
Eyebrow Stencils (4 Pack)

Our eyebrow stencil packs are available in 3 arch types low, regular, and high arch. Each arch shape comes in 4 sizes S, M, L and XL. Each of our signature stencils was created with thousands of brows in mind from experience in the permanent makeup industry. Stencil designs include a 2-in-1 length choice, so whether you have a lengthened brow or a more petite brow, we have you covered. 

Our brow stencils are reusable and made from recyclable material.

Find Your Arch

Low arch | The highest point of your brow (arch) is minimally higher than the highest point of the front of your brow.

Regular arch | The highest point of your brow (arch) is a little higher than the front of your brow.

High arch | The highest point of your brow (arch) is dramatically higher than the front of your brow.

These stencil packs are perfect for replacing the parts of your brow trio stencil kit. Simply find the arch you are using from your kit and select the corresponding pack.

Interested in learning more about our stencils? Visit our blog for all the info. 

How to apply
    Unpack the brow stencils and find your best brow shape. The stencil that incorporates the most of your brow hair will be the correct one. If you have little to no brow hair, you can be more flexible with your stencil choice. When applying pomade, place stencil on brow using a widened two finger hold, using either the short or long length guide.
Why you'll love it
    By using a custom-developed 2-in-1 measuring system, each stencil allows for your brow shape to be applied in a long and short length. This allows you to achieve your accurate length. These stencils are perfect for using at home with our pomade and are also great for microblading, makeup artists or for estheticians (think tinting/waxing).
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