About Our Stencils 

The Brow Trio comes with 4 regular arch, 4 low arch, and 4 high arch options, so you’ll easily find your desired shape. The stencil designs include a 2-in-1 length choice, so whether you have a lengthened or petite brow, The Brow Trio has you covered. Each stencil was designed with thousands of brows in mind from experience in the permanent makeup industry. 


4 Tips for Easier and Beauty Pomade Application : 

1. Choose the stencil that includes the most of your brow hair, this will help for a more natural look. 

2. Hold stencil with a widened two finger hold above or below the stencil and ensure that the stencil is flat so that there are no gaps in the eyebrow shape of the stencil. 

3. The pink line at the top of stencil can be used as a guide to make sure the angle of both stencil applications are the same. 

4. After completing one brow, turn the stencil on its side and line up the bottom of both brows and press stencil into skin lightly. This will leave a guide of where to start the next brow for a balanced look. You can learn more about this tip and how to get symmetrical brows with the stencils and pomade kit with the video below. 

You can shop our brow trio kit that comes with 12 stencils, or shop the stencils separately.