Briana Olson grew up in Tasmania, Australia, surrounded by the ocean and the beauty of nature. Beginning at an early age, she explored makeup as a creative medium, and quickly realized its potential for artistry, experimentation, and self-expression.

Briana's early penchant for beauty led her to found La Perma Artistry, which soon became one of the most successful eyebrow microblading and lip blush businesses in Southern California.

During this time, Briana discovered the frustrations her clients were having with their makeup routines, ultimately causing them to make appointments for permanent makeup.

After closing La Perma in 2020 to pandemic setbacks, she set her sights on creating innovative, easy to use, high quality beauty products developed to enliven and simplify her client's beauty regimens.

Thus, Briana founded Brow Trio in 2020, centered upon the belief that the world of beauty can offer a profound experience of self-care. As she went through her own transformation with the brand, she believed it was also time for the brand to have a refresh, becoming Trio Beauty™ in 2022.

Where are you from? 
I grew up in Tasmania, Australia, and moved to the United States when I was 19 years old.
What is your go-to makeup routine like? 
My go-to makeup is a medium coverage foundation, something that shows freckles, a filled-in, but fluffy/textured brow, a little mascara and some lip gloss.
Do you think brows should be twins or sisters?
Sisters definitely. In my time microblading, I found that no ones face is completely symmetrical. 
What is your number one piece of brow advice?
Keep the front of your brows soft! I love a filled-in, structured, clean brow look, but the key is to keep the fronts of your brows soft and blended for a more natural look.
What was it like designing the tools and formulating the brow trio products?
From my years of experience microblading thousands of brows, it really helped me understand what brow shapes are commonly needed to create a dimensionally proportionate brow while incorporating existing brow hair.
There was a lot of back and forth, but what I found that really helped to create and elevate the products is customer feedback. I listened to every single complaint/suggestion to really fine-tune each component of The Brow Trio.
When did you decide to create the brow trio stencil kit? 
I decided to create The Brow Trio when my microblading business was shut down due to COVID restrictions. I realized the stencils I created could be used for everyone, not just for microblading. An at-home brow kit was a great way to reach people who could not come into my salon.
How did you study/become a brow expert? What are your certifications and experience? 
I am a triple certified microblading artist, meaning I trained originally in microblading, then completed two further advanced trainings. I was a microblading artist for 5 years before starting Trio Beauty.
When working as a brow artist what was your favorite part of your job? What was it like to see how your clients responded to their brow transformations? 
My favorite part about being a micro blading artist was sitting my clients up after completing their microblading session. Seeing peoples faces light up after seeing their new brows was so fulfilling. I get this same feeling when I see people's transformations with The Brow Trio. I love that people can create this look on themselves with The Brow Trio.